Idaho makes changes to its health insurance exchange

Idaho health insurance

State health insurance exchange has been improved to better serve consumers

The Idaho health insurance exchange, called Your Health Idaho, is expected to be prepared for business on November 1, when the next open enrollment period begins. The state has been working to reprogram the infrastructure of the exchange, introducing various tweaks and new features that are expected to improve the exchange shopping experience. The exchange has been working to test the changes that have been made for several months in order to ensure that the insurance exchange will be ready for the influx of consumers it is expected to see.

86 million people have enrolled in the Idaho insurance exchange

Approximately 86 million consumers have already enrolled in the state’s health insurance exchange. Many people had reported problems with the exchange when it was first launched, as enrollment proved to be difficult for many consumers during the past few enrollment periods. Improving the exchange involved fixing some of its technical faults. The state has also introduced a serious of performance enhancements that are meant to improve the overall functionality of the exchange itself.

New features will allow consumers to see if they are eligible for insurance subsidies that will help them afford policies

Idaho health insuranceOne of the new features introduced to the state’s health insurance exchange allows consumers to enter in basic information, such as date of birth, address, income, and family composition and see potential tax credits that they may be eligible for. State officials note that more than 85% of consumers that have enrolled in the exchange has also received these tax credits. For these consumers, this means that they only pay an average of $65 a month for their health insurance coverage.

Enhancements are expected to improve the exchange’s shopping experience

Other changes include the better integration of web pages that the exchange is associated with, making it easier for consumers to shop for the coverage that they are interested in. The exchange is also working to ensure that consumers have appropriate information when it comes to the health insurance policies that are available through the exchange.

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