Health insurance in Pennsylvania becomes more child-friendly

Children’s Health Insurance Program

New law targets Children’s Health Insurance Program Health insurance for children in Pennsylvania has won a victory thanks to a new bill signed by Governor Tom Corbett. The bill has to do with the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides insurance coverage to more than 188,000 children currently enrolled in the program. The program is nearly two decades old and has often been criticized for being inaccessible to those that need it most. The new bill signed by Governor Corbett aims to resolve some of the issues that the…

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Federal funds could help Pennsylvania expand health insurance availability

Pennsylvania Health Insurance

State accepts funds to expand health insurance initiative Pennsylvania has officially accepted federal funds in order to expand its Medicaid program. Governor Tom Corbett, whom approved the acceptance of federal funds, is the 10th Republican governor in the U.S. to expand a state-based Medicaid program with the assistance of the federal government. Through the expansion of the Medicaid program, hundreds of thousands of state residents are expected to gain access to health insurance coverage. Governor Corbett has submitted demands to the federal Department of Health and Human Services concerning the…

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Pennsylvania health insurance exchange rejected by Governor

Pennsylvania abortion Insurance Governor Tom Corbett

Pennsylvania health insurance exchange efforts put down by Governor Corbett The Pennsylvania health insurance exchange will not be operated by its home state, according to an announcement from Governor Tom Corbett. The announcement comes as the state issues a letter to the federal Department of Health and Human Services. The letter outlines the state’s stance on the Affordable Care Act and its plans concerning a health insurance exchange. The letter notes that the state has no intention of building or operating an exchange program due to the lack of guidance…

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Pennsylvania insurance regulators see their rate review authority expanded with new law

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has had its authority over insurance rates for small employer health care policies expanded this week. On Thursday, Governor Tom Corbett signed Senate Bill 1336 into law, giving regulators the power to adjust the insurance rates in the small group market. For the first time, state insurance regulators will be able to review and disapprove new rate proposals coming from insurers. They will also be able to require insurers to justify their need for a rate increase and demand changes if necessary. Insurance Commissioner Mike Consedine…

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Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner asserts the importance of a state-run insurance exchange

Pennsylvania’s Department of Insurance is urging lawmakers to pass laws concerning the building of a health insurance exchange. The department has begun noting the benefits of such a program, claiming that it will help residents find affordable coverage and help bring more competition to the state’s insurance market. The advocacy from the department comes at the end of a lengthy study conducted by regulators and state legislators concerning the benefits of an exchange program. Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine, backed by Governor Tom Chorbett, made use of a $1 million government…

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