Auto insurance prices rise during the winter months

Massachusetts Auto Insurance

A yearlong study has revealed that drivers in Massachusetts who purchase coverage when it’s cold pay more. According to the results of a study that has been conducted for a complete year, drivers purchasing auto insurance during the winter months in Massachusetts are more likely to pay elevated prices than they would if they bought their policies in the middle of summer. Motorists could spend as much as 20 percent more if purchasing their vehicle policies in March. Prices were also shown to spike for auto insurance coverage in January…

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The Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

California auto insurance

The United States is known the world over for being full of motoring fanatics with people loving the old and new models, taking them apart and putting in modern add-ons to improve performance, washing them to keep them clean on an almost daily basis and loving their motorsport. With all of this in mind, you would almost expect the US to be relatively cheap in terms of car insurance. You would also expect that annual insurance prices would be relatively similar across the country. However, there are some significant variations…

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Auto insurance for less than $40 per month

cheap policies

What do the ultra cheap policies advertise on television truly provide? The auto insurance commercials on television for policies that are less than $40 per month look like they are offering a significant bargain over far more expensive options, but are they really providing a deal? It is important to know who will qualify and what they would receive for this price. In a study that included the results from more than 52,000 online quotes for auto insurance, the various factors to achieve this super cheap coverage were analyzed. The…

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Auto insurance in North Carolina named one of the least expensive

auto insurance

Coverage may be costly in Michigan, but other states are breathing easy. Though drivers may be paying through the nose to maintain their auto insurance coverage, North Carolina motorists are paying a far lower percentage of their income into their protection. No matter the vehicle, North Carolina law has lower overall premiums for coverage than most states. In fact, at the moment, North Carolina residents are paying the second lowest portions of their household incomes toward their auto insurance in the entire country. The only state paying a lower amount…

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Annual Survey by ranks vehicles by the cost of insuring them has released the results of its annual survey ranking the most and least expensive vehicles to cover, and has found that the least expensive model for 2012 is the Toyota Sienna LE. At the other end of the spectrum, the 2012 Audi R8 Syder Quattro, a convertible V10 two-seater, stood at the top of the list of the most expensive vehicles to cover with auto insurance. The annual list provided by is a national average of the insurance premiums paid for auto coverage by drivers of over 900…

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