Annual Survey by ranks vehicles by the cost of insuring them

Auto has released the results of its annual survey ranking the most and least expensive vehicles to cover, and has found that the least expensive model for 2012 is the Toyota Sienna LE.

At the other end of the spectrum, the 2012 Audi R8 Syder Quattro, a convertible V10 two-seater, stood at the top of the list of the most expensive vehicles to cover with auto insurance.

The annual list provided by is a national average of the insurance premiums paid for auto coverage by drivers of over 900 different vehicle models, comparing all of these costs with one another in order to be able to rank them by expense. This information is then entered into a database which can be accessed by consumers in the form of a comparison tool that make it simple for them to compare the car insurance rates among various vehicle types or models.

A number of different factors can drive the cost of insuring a vehicle up or down, including the cost of the repairs to a certain model, the frequency of accidents that it experiences, and the cost of replacement should the vehicle be totaled. It also includes the cost of bodily injury claims that are associated with that specific vehicle.

According editorial director Amy Danise, of, minivans are consistently among the least expensive types of vehicle to cover. She explained that “They regularly prove to be safe, economical vehicles. And, notably, we’re seeing pickup trucks back on the ‘least expensive’ list after an absence last year.”

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