The Golden State – California Insurance Report

California auto insurance

With the increasing number of fatalities in accidents on US roads and highways, having a car insurance policy has become more essential than ever. Just having a look at the latest “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” released this week will give you a fair idea. The annual report, released by America’s second-largest insurance provider with regards to personal lines, highlights the fact that accidental deaths in car crashes across the country have jumped up over 33,700. What was most surprising was the fact that Washington DC, where the nation’s lawmaking…

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5 Reasons Texting and Driving is a Terrible Habit

Texting While Driving1

Texting and driving is a terrible habit. The statistics don’t lie. Here are five great reasons not to send a text while behind the wheel. Remember, when you drive, you aren’t the only person that can face the consequences of your actions. 1. It’s More Dangerous Than Driving Drunk Texting while driving is now the most dangerous distraction on the road, period. New statistics show texting in your car while driving is six-times more dangerous than driving drunk. That means it is riskier to text while driving than to drink…

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Department of Transportation looks to ban use of cell phones while driving

Distracted Driving Statistics

Secretary LaHood campaigns for national ban on mobile device use while driving The U.S. Department of Transportation has called for a nationwide ban on the use of mobile devices whilst driving. Distracted driving has been cited as a major contributor to auto accidents throughout the country. These accidents have long been a thorn in the side of the auto insurance industry, but insurers have been divided on whether mobile devices played a significant role in distracted driving. A national ban on the use of mobile technology while driving could have…

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Are voice controls in vehicles any safer than using a mobile handset?

Hands free doesn’t mean attention free. It’s becoming common knowledge that cell phone handsets cause drivers to become distracted, and an increasing number of states are prohibiting their use for talking, texting, and other activities while behind the wheel, but are the voice-controlled gadgets that have been replacing them any safer, or are they simply creating a new high-tech way to take focus away from the road? Some experts are now saying that it is equally dangerous to talk to a dashboard as it is to speak to a cell…

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Super Bowl party hosts should review their insurance ahead of the game

Though many hosts of Super Bowl parties think that the main thing they need to remember is to have enough to eat and drink, there is one thing that they may be forgetting, which is to review their insurance so that they know who is responsible should their guests drink and drive. According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) as the host of a party, it is not only considered to be appropriate and thoughtful to guests to make sure that guests who will be drinking can either stay over…

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Doctors warn that drinking and walking can be as dangerous as driving drunk

This year, many people have been listening to the requests of government officials and of insurance industry experts and are choosing not to drive after drinking, but many are surprised to hear that ER doctors are also stating that walking drunk can be dangerous, too. In fact, while these medical professionals are saying that you should have a designated driver when you travel home after having anything with alcohol in it, they’re also recommending a “designated walker.” Dr. Thomas Esposito from Maywood, Illinois’s Loyola University Health System said that pedestrian…

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Winter ski safety tips that keep safety first

Last year, ski travel returned as a popular trend as a result of a long natural snow season and record snowfalls that gave winter sports enthusiasts lots of extra time to enjoy them. Now that the holiday season is upon us once more, the ski season is about to start as well, and consumers are starting to begin their travel planning. With that in mind, insurance and travel professionals are recommending that travelers take certain precautions to keep safety at the top of their list during this year’s winter season.…

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