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With the increasing number of fatalities in accidents on US roads and highways, having a car insurance policy has become more essential than ever.

Just having a look at the latest “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” released this week will give you a fair idea. The annual report, released by America’s second-largest insurance provider with regards to personal lines, highlights the fact that accidental deaths in car crashes across the country have jumped up over 33,700.

What was most surprising was the fact that Washington DC, where the nation’s lawmaking takes place, is the most dangerous city when it comes to driving. The report revealed that Washington-based drivers get into car crashes on an average cycle of about 5 years. On the other end of the car-crash spectrum was the city of Fort Collins in Colorado, where safety-conscious drivers drop their guard after every 14 years or so.

The “state” of California

Interestingly, the Golden State made an appearance with regards to having its regions in both the top and bottom lots of the safest cities in the US. Visalia ranked at the 8th spot among the safest driving cities, with the time period between accidents per driver being a little over 12 years on average. The population-dense Los Angeles on the other hand was rated as being one of the most dangerous, where motorists are almost 50% more likely to crash their cars as compared to the national average.

With such statistics, it seems that having California car insurance coverage will really come in handy. SoCalifornia Insurance News if you are a resident of California and are still uninsured, it is high time that you got around to having some financial responsibility. Yes, trying to find the policy best suited for your needs can be quite a hassle, with car insurance providers claiming their coverage scheme to be the best thing since sliced bread. However, a recent offer from Centrist Insurance seems to be just what the doctor ordered in this case.

The prominent San Francisco-headquartered company runs an online portal with a search service that provides instant quotes from multiple insurance providers. Moreover, in a recent press release, they have also announced that they would also be offering discounts of up to a maximum of 30%, available till September 30th 2013 to all those who qualify. This has been made possible by entering into an arrangement with a number of notable insurance companies that have been licensed to deal in California car insurance products.

An Insurance-Friendly Car

Speaking of road safety, the 2014 model of Honda’s Odyssey has been rated as the safest car from among 20 vehicles. In its latest news release, the Insurance Institute for highway Safety has declared the Honda minivan as coming out on top in five major crash categories, which include areas such as front, rear, side and rollover crashes.

So if you are looking for the best possible car insurance coverage, no points for guessing what combination of automobile and financial responsibility will get you the most attractive quotes.

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