5 Reasons Texting and Driving is a Terrible Habit

Texting While Driving1

Texting and driving is a terrible habit.

The statistics don’t lie. Here are five great reasons not to send a text while behind the wheel. Remember, when you drive, you aren’t the only person that can face the consequences of your actions.

1. It’s More Dangerous Than Driving Drunk

Texting while driving is now the most dangerous distraction on the road, period. New statistics show texting in your car while driving is six-times more dangerous than driving drunk. That means it is riskier to text while driving than to drink and drive.

While drunk driving accidents are on the decline, distracted driving accidents are soaring. These irresponsible crashes cause nearly 80 percent of all accidents (fatal and non-fatal) today. Studies also show you are 23 times more likely get in an accident if you text and drive. Why risk crashing that brand new Audi just to send a quick ‘OMG’ to a friend? Maybe you should reconsider.

2. You Can Lose Someone You Love

Texting and driving is not just dangerous, it is deadly. Sending an insignificant text message takes more than 3,000 lives a year. If you text, you risk your life and the lives of those around you. Most accidents happen within just a few seconds of taking your eyes off the road. Texting distracts a driver for up to five seconds on average.

During that time, a car moving at 55 mph travels the length of a football field. On a highway a lot can happen in that span. Cars change lanes, trucks swerve to avoid obstacles or other drivers, and cars in front of you come to fast stops. If your eyes are not on the road and someone stops short, you can’t stop in time to prevent a collision.

Drivers are paying less attention to the road and more attention to their social lives. One poll showed nearly half of all adult drivers admit to texting while operating their car. Another study showed up to 11 percent of all drivers are using a cell phone while driving.

3. It’s Against the Law in Most StatesTexting and Driving

Texting and driving is against the law. All but 11 states have banned texting and driving, and for good reason. Polls show most drivers want these laws to protect them against drivers who do text. If you text and drive you risk receiving big fines and losing your license.

If you text and drive, you only add to the problem placing yourself at an even bigger risk. When you aren’t paying attention and sending a text, you can’t see that other driver swerving into your lane, or stopping short because they just noticed the car in front of them stopping short.

Stay alert and keep your eyes open for texting drivers and you’ll keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

4. Save Your Money

Accidents costs money. A lot of money. There are repair bills, hospital bills, lost time at work, and soaring insurance costs.  Don’t get in the habit of texting and you’ll keep more money in your bank account. Even if you are receiving money through a settlement, the inconvenience of having to hire a lawyer and play paperwork secretary for the insurance companies is enough to talk anyone out of driving poorly.

When you drive safely, everyone benefits. Try to be as safe as you can when you’re out there on the road.

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