New health insurance campaign launched in Texas

Texas health Insurance companies

Campaign to promote insurance coverage has gone into effect

The Texas Hospital Association has partnered with several civic and business organizations to launch a new campaign that seeks to provide 6 million people with health insurance coverage in Texas. These people do not have insurance coverage currently. The majority of these uninsured individuals cannot afford insurance policies, even those available through the state’s insurance exchange, and they do not qualify for coverage through the state’s Medicaid program. If successful, the campaign could provide some financial relief to the state’s health care providers.

Health care organizations pay a combined $5.5 billion on providing care for the uninsured

Hospitals throughout the state spend a combined $5.5 billion on medical care for people that cannot afford it every year. In order to offset this financial impact, the state imposes a fee on all health insurance policies currently active in Texas. This means that insured people pay more for their coverage in order to account for the costs associated with the uninsured. An expanded Medicaid program could help with this issue, but there has been little legislative action on this matter. Health care professionals in the state have been advocating the expansion of the Medicaid program for some time, but state lawmakers have been unwilling to do so.

New initiative aims to solve the uninsured problem

Texas health InsuranceThe new campaign is meant to support The Texas Way, an initiative that aims to address political concerns regarding insurance coverage while also providing a financial solution to the uninsured problem. The Texas Way is meant to bring more federal money to the state, which will be used to extend insurance coverage to the uninsured. When an uninsured individual visits a hospital for medical care, they will be automatically enrolled in an insurance policy, which will allow the hospital to offset the costs of this medical care.

Insurance coverage considered too expensive among consumers

The Texas Hospital Association supports such an initiative, believing it to be a fiscally responsible solution to the lack of insurance coverage in the state. Approximately 24% of the state’s population currently lacks health insurance coverage. Even those that qualify for subsidized coverage have avoided purchasing policies because of the costs they face.

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