New auto insurance law in Oklahoma may not be an effective solution

traffic car auto insurance

New law aims to encourage drivers to purchase insurance coverage, but it may not be successful

traffic car auto insuranceA new law has been passed in Oklahoma that allows the state’s law enforcement to seize the vehicle tags of uninsured drivers. The law allows for these vehicle tags to be held for extended periods of time, forcing the vehicle’s owner to pay for insurance coverage every day that the vehicle is being held. The vehicle is released when its driver acquires private auto insurance coverage. The law may be a hit or miss solution, however, due to the fact that it is not being widely enforced throughout the state. Labor limitations are making it difficult for many law enforcement agencies to carry out the law effectively, and loopholes are allowing uninsured drivers to bypass the law entirely.

Commissioner meets with law enforcement to understand the impact that the law is having

Commissioner Doak notes that the law is quite new, so understanding its impact on consumers and the insurance market is incomplete at this time. The Commissioner has been meeting with law enforcement officials in the state in order to obtain feedback about the new law and how it has been working. The law itself is meant to discourage people from driving without insurance, but it is also designed to mitigate the financial burden of uninsured drivers.

Uninsured drivers present a major financial burden to the state

Some 600,000 people throughout Oklahoma currently drive without any type of auto insurance coverage. Many drivers consider insurance coverage to be an unnecessary expense. Accidents occur throughout the state on a daily basis, just as they do in any other state, and uninsured drivers are presenting a significant financial threat to the state itself as well as insured drivers. Because the number of uninsured drivers is so high, those with insurance coverage must pay more for their coverage in order to compensate.

Loopholes in the law allow people to continue driving without insurance coverage

Commissioner Doak has noted that several loopholes have already been found in the law. For instance, drivers are able to purchase new vehicle tags and continue driving without having to purchase insurance coverage. These loopholes are to be brought to the attention of state lawmaker so that the appropriate legislative action can be taken.

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