Homeowners insurance claims rise following Mischief Week in the U.K.

Vandalism Homeowners Insurance Claims

Vandalism Homeowners Insurance ClaimsEstimates are saying that over five million houses have already been damaged.

The most recent estimates are saying that more than five million houses in the United Kingdom have experienced damage this week, leading to another round of homeowners insurance claims related to “Mischief Week”, which includes Bonfire Night and Halloween.

Predictions are suggesting that this will lead to about £1.4 billion in repair costs.

This means that each affected property will receive an average of £273. The most common cause behind these damages is thrown eggs. However, 1.5 million homeowners claims have already been made regarding homes that have had their fences garden plants, and other yard property either damaged or removed altogether.

Though some homeowners insurance claims from Mischief Week are simple, they can become quite costly.

More significant property damage as a result of sparklers and fireworks have also already been reported. Hosting house parties significantly increases the risk of needing to make a claim, particularly when fireworks and alcohol are involved. This year, there was a highly unfortunate trend of using fireworks as weapons. Estimates have suggested that 2 percent of people in the U.K. have been attacked by individuals using fireworks in this fashion.

The most damage reported on homeowners insurance occurred in the Humber and in Yorkshire. There, 15 percent of the residents have been affected by vandalism at this time of year.

Many are expressing disappointment, as the purpose of celebrations such as Bonfire Night and Halloween are to give people the opportunity to have light hearted fun. Unfortunately, it has also become a source of antisocial behaviors and dangerous accidents.

Much of the vandalism and damage that does occur throughout Mischief Week occurs due to activities that would seem as though they were merely harmless pranks, such as throwing an egg. However, analyses of the statistics over the last few years are showing that these small acts of mischief are escalating into a significantly higher incidences of threatening behavior and petty crime.

This has led to a growing number of homeowners insurance claims connected to the celebrations, where it would, at one time, have resulted only in a small amount of cleanup.

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