Insurance Information Institute suggests steps to take the fear out of Halloween

Halloween Liability ClaimsThe Insurance Information Institute has released a number of safety suggestions that can work along with adequate and up-to-date auto and homeowners insurance coverage in order to make Halloween a little less scary.

Those steps include the following:

• Vandalism to home or vehicle – standard renters and homeowners insurance policies offer vandalism insurance, typically with a deductible. Your auto insurance optional comprehensive element is where the vandalism coverage is contained.

• Fire – standard renters and homeowners insurance policies cover damages from fires resulting from electrically powered decorations or Halloween candles. If your home has become unlivable, additional living expenses – such as hotel fees – are also covered until the home can be repaired.

• Injuries to trick-or-treaters – the liability element of renters and homeowners insurance will provide financial protection from lawsuits from party guests or trick-or-treaters who are accidentally injured while on your property. Typical policies also include no-fault medical coverage.

• Car damaged in avoidance of trick-or-treaters – though it is recommended that you drive very slowly and with extra care on Halloween night, should you be required to swerve to avoid someone and damage your car by hitting a tree, for example, the optional collision part of your insurance will cover you – as long as you have not struck another car or person.

• Safety on your lawn and porch – be sure to take any potential tripping hazards off your lawn and porch, and try to make your property as well lit as possible so that visitors and trick-or-treaters can see. Avoid using Halloween candles with more than one wick or that produce large flames as this risks igniting costumes or other materials that pass nearby.

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