Health insurance Supreme Court ruling leaves Hillary Clinton “bewildered and confused”

Hillary Clinton health insurance industry

Employers with religious objections are now better able to seek exemption for birth control coverage on employee plans.

Hillary Clinton health insuranceHillary Clinton has expressed that she feels “very bewildered and confused” regarding the ruling that was made by the supreme court that will allow companies that have religious objections to providing their workers with birth control coverage on their health insurance plans to find it easier to avoid offering them.

Only days after the Hobby Lobby was issued, the court ruled in favor of allowing for-profit employers to seek exemption.

The top court stated that it would now become easier for companies to be able to seek exemption to the health insurance coverage contraceptive mandate. It then went on to announce a rather unusual order in which temporary relief was announced on Thursday for a non-profit college that was also in objection to that mandate.

Clinton is calling this health insurance ruling by the Supreme Court “a serious breach of a woman’s right”.

Clinton has spoken openly about being pro-choice and is now calling for government action on the decision that has been made by the Supreme Court. She stated in an interview that “There has to be some action taken, in the Congress or by the executive to try to clarify what the court just did.”

This is not the first time that Clinton has spoken out about the decisions being made by the Supreme Court. A week ago, the initial Hobby Lobby ruling caused her to caution them that this was a “really bad slippery slope,” and that it could bring on a “real outcry” from among the American people.

At the time that this article was written, Clinton was in London on a promotion tour for her new memoir entitled “Hard Choices.” That said, she took the time to speak about what she felt was a highly important subject, as the Supreme Court’s rulings are now regularly in opposition with what she feels is right. There has already been a considerable amount of controversy regarding the rulings that have been put down, particularly in terms of the health insurance contraception mandate for employers with religious objections.

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  1. wendydawn brindley

    “Bewildered and confused” is not a new thing for her. I certainly enjoy media that is not so biased actually saying it however . . lol. Thanks Julie! and Hurray for Hobby Lobby taking a stand!

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