Tangela Richter steps up as new GEICO insurance Chief Legal Officer

GEICO insurance - Welcome to the Team

The insurer has announced the new hire, who joined the company from previously working at Wells Fargo

The GEICO insurance company recently announced that it has a new Chief Legal Officer, Tangela Richter, who will report directly to Todd Combs, the insurer’s Chair, President and CEO.

Richter will be responsible for legal function, government, and regulatory oversight

Richter will have oversight over all the GEICO insurance legal functions.  She will also be responsible for overseeing government and regulatory operations.

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The new chief legal officer has come to the insurer from Wells Fargo. There, she had most recently held the position of executive vice president, deputy general counsel, and secretary. Richter had been in a number of leadership roles in other companies before she moved to Wells Fargo.  Among them included American Express, Capital One, and Lending Club. She is bringing her experience from all her previous roles into her new one at the insurer.

GEICO insurance has expressed its enthusiasm over the new addition

“We are very fortunate to have someone with Tangela’s talents and experience leading our legal, government and regulatory affairs team,” said Combs. As his statement continued, he pointed to her “problem-solving skills” in particular, in addition to Richter’s solid track record proving her capabilities for delivering within a highly dynamic and evolving environment.  Combs predicts that having her as a part of their team “will have a profound impact on our company.”

Richter also added in the GEICO insurance news release on the subject of her hire, that she was looking forward to the opportunity to work as a part of her new team.  She said that she was keen to work “closely with our excellent legal team, the executive leadership team, and the teams across the entire country.” Her focus, she said, was on keeping up the delivery of “best-in-class” services and products, as well as experiences for the millions of policyholders served by the company.

Richter’s education

Richter’s career was preceded by a strong educational background, having earned her bachelor’s from Howard University, followed by her J.D. from Harvard Law School.  Currently, she serves on the Dance Theatre of Harlem board of directors.

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