Trump’s attempt to roll back birth control mandate quashed by judge

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A federal judge has ruled to block a set of new regulations put forward by the Trump administration. The recent attempt the Trump administration has made to block the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act has been halted for the moment. A federal judge in Pennsylvania has paused the ability for the efforts to move forward. The Trump administration had been seeking to roll back the birth control mandate. This would make it harder for women to obtain no cost birth control if their employers state that they…

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Health insurance Supreme Court ruling leaves Hillary Clinton “bewildered and confused”

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Employers with religious objections are now better able to seek exemption for birth control coverage on employee plans. Hillary Clinton has expressed that she feels “very bewildered and confused” regarding the ruling that was made by the supreme court that will allow companies that have religious objections to providing their workers with birth control coverage on their health insurance plans to find it easier to avoid offering them. Only days after the Hobby Lobby was issued, the court ruled in favor of allowing for-profit employers to seek exemption. The top…

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Health insurance for U.S. employees is not required to cover birth control

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Though the overall law still stands, companies can object on religious grounds in order to gain exemption. The U.S. Supreme Court has recently released a new health insurance ruling that states that companies are permitted to submit an objection on religious grounds to a health care reform provision that would require them to provide birth control coverage within their group plans. The court held this decision on a vote of 5 to 4 that companies could seek this type of exemption. This ruling was carefully made to reflect that while…

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