Health insurance exchanges have yet to scoop up the uninsured

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Two surveys have revealed that Americans without coverage aren’t flocking to the marketplaces.

With the end of open enrollment on March 31 drawing rapidly near, surveys are now revealing that the health insurance exchanges aren’t yet enrolling the number of uninsured Americans that would be necessary to consider the health care reform a roaring success.

The first survey suggested that only 1 in 10 uninsured individuals have completed their private plan enrollment.

health insuranceAlthough these online health insurance marketplaces are now seeing consistent use, they are not drawing the number of uninsured individuals that it would take to allow the Affordable Care Act to be able to actually achieve its goals. Of two major surveys, one stated that only one tenth of uninsured individuals have actually enrolled in a private plan (as of the end of last month).

The other survey showed that only about half of uninsured Americans have even looked at health insurance exchange information.

In fact, that second survey said that only about half of uninsured people even had any intention of looking at what the exchanges were all about and what type of coverage they would be able to obtain.

Among the various types of data that were released from the results of these surveys, a considerable amount of insight was provided into one of the prime mysteries that have continued to exist regarding the health care reform and its federal and state based marketplaces. What had yet to be known until these results were revealed was whether or not the exchanges were actually managing to reach the people who were their main targets.

These research outcomes have arrived at a time in which the government has been implementing a series of revisions to the law and its regulations regarding the way in which it functions. Those opposed to the law have seen these new figures as a clear indicator that the reforms are not doing what they had intended to accomplish.

The recent changes to the rules have already relaxed certain elements of the law and have postponed some deadlines. While some of these adjustments have been made as a result of technical issues, others delay certain health insurance controversies that will likely arise among some groups of consumers.

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