Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Plumbing and Pipe Leaks?

pipe leaks

Owning your own home is exciting but there are also basic chores and situations you need to be aware of. This will allow you to act in the best possible way should something negative happen. For instance, burst pipes which flood the house.

Having your own home may mean that you have replaced the plumbing system and can feel fairly confident that you’re not going to have an issue. However, pipe leaks and plumbing disasters can happen to anyone at any time. It’s best to be prepared.

Know Your Plumber

It’s a good idea to contact a reputable plumber Sydney today and have them undertake an inspection of your home. This will help them to spot any issues that you may need to talk about. It will also give you the number of a good plumber to call if you do have an emergency.

Alongside getting to know your plumber you should also check out where the stop valves are in your home. If you know where to shut off the water you may be able to save your home from being too badly damaged. It can take seconds to shut off the water and save hours of water pumping into your home.

Homeowners Insurance

Insurance is designed to cover your risks, providing you enough money to rebuild or repair if you have a problem. This prevents you from having an issue that could cost you more money than you have.

However, not everything is covered by homeowners’ insurance.

The good news is, in general it does. The point of insurance is to cover unexpected damages to your home. The insurer recognizes a sudden burst pipe is unforeseeable and needs to be dealt with. However, a pipe that is gradually rusting away and starts to drip is not usually covered. Quite simply it should be picked up by regular maintenance and dealt with.

The general rule us that the pipe repair will probably not be covered. But, the damage done by the leaking pipe will. The good part of this is that the biggest expense is the damage caused to your home. It is likely that flooring will need to be ripped up and replaced, the furniture will need to be discarded, and the house dried out. All of this will be covered. Al your plumber has to do is bill you for finding the leaking pipe and fixing it.

Plumbing Issues

An additional point worth noting is that plumbing issues may not be covered if the work has been completed by you and it turns out to be below code. This can be hard to prove, especially if the flooding has caused extensive damage. However, having the work completed by a registered and qualified plumber will mean you don’t need to worry about this part of the issue.

In short, you can claim the needed funds and concentrate on making your house a home again without worrying about cutting corners or running out of funds. After all, that is what you pay the insurance for.

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