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Auto insurance - Top Rated Company

The most recent survey identified a spectrum of new trends including the top four insurers.

Consumer Reports has conducted two recent auto insurance surveys, one of which had a more limited sample, while the second had a notably more substantial number of participants.

Each of the surveys looked into the way consumers feel and interact with their insurers.

The first Consumer Reports survey was limited to its own subscribers, thought that is still a respectable figure higher than 40,000 people. The participants offered almost 50,000 responses on factors associated with their auto insurance experience across 36 different insurers.

Auto insurance - Survey

Among the top takeaways of the survey results as presented by Consumer reports were that while massive ad spending is effective in drawing consumer interest and even registrations, they aren’t enough to satisfy consumers in their overall customer experience. To that end, the insurers that took the top four spots in terms of customer satisfaction – all of which scored higher than 80 out of 100 – were USAA Group, NJM Insurance Group, Amica Mutual Group, and Erie Insurance Group.

The top spot for a massive national insurer easily recognized by essentially all consumers shopping for an insurer was 14th place, which was held by State Farm.

Of the top four auto insurance companies from the Consumer Reports survey, three limit their customer base.

Three of the four top insurers in this survey have restrictions to their customer bases. While USAA is certainly a heavy advertiser and consumers are as likely to recognize commercials from that insurer as they are from some of the leading national companies, it sells its coverage only to active military service members, veterans, and the family members of those individuals. USAA was the only insurer to have received a five out of five points in all seven categories.

The seven categories into which the survey was divided included premiums, service, claims, help and advice, policy review, policy clarity, and coverage. No auto insurance company other than USAA received top marks across the board. Moreover, no other car insurer received a 5 out of 5 for policy clarity or policy review.

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