State Farm insurance company provides customers with free Ting sensors

Insurance company - Electrical fire

The insurer is distributing more than one million devices in an effort to help prevent electrical fires.

State Farm insurance company has announced that it’s offering its policyholders over one million free Ting sensors as a part of a strategy to reduce the risk of electrical fires.

The smart sensor provides home electricity monitoring to help spot hazards that could spark a fire.

The insurance company is offering over one million of the Ting sensors to its customers to help those policyholders to be able to detect hazards in their homes before they have the chance to lead to a fire.

Insurance company - Electric Fire in house

According to National Fire Protection Association data from 2021, malfunctions and electrical failures are the second most common cause of fires in homes. In an effort to help spot those malfunctions and electrical failures before they have the chance to become a damaging and expensive disaster. The Whisker Labs Ting sensors are being distributed to eligible customers at no cost.

The insurance company is working with customers to help prevent damage that would lead to a claim.

“State Farm is committed to being a good neighbor and always looks for ways to put our customers first. Ting is an important part of the work we are doing to prevent losses and to help protect more people in more ways. Offering Ting to homeowner customers makes sense,” said the insurer’s Senior Vice President of Property & Casualty Chris Schell. “Many of our customers who now have Ting in their homes have told us they love it!”

Labs @ State Farm and Whisker Labs have been working together since 2020 to provide the Ting sensors to eligible property owners throughout the United States. Over 200,000 homes covered by the insurer are already being monitored by at least one Ting sensor. The outcome has been thousands of success stories, according to the insurer, as well as several cases when imminent fire loss was prevented.

“Through Ting, Whisker Labs is identifying and mitigating nearly 250 home fire hazards every month, a number that is growing rapidly. It is incredibly gratifying each time Ting helps identify an electrical fault, mitigate the hazard and prevent a fire,” said Whisker Labs Co-Founder and CEO Bob Marshall. “We are truly saving lives and homes.”

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