World’s largest health insurance program to take form in India

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Indian government is working on transforming the country’s health care system

india online senior health insuranceThe Indian government is planning to create the world’s largest health insurance program. A recent, significant shift in government has brought more attention to India’s health care sector, as well as other sectors. The new government is eager to address what it perceives to be problems in the country’s health care structure and will be working with the insurance industry in order to do so. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled plans for this ambitious program during a recent conference held in the U.S.

New insurance program to take inspiration from the Affordable Care Act

Modi aims to accomplish a “complete transformation” of India’s health care sector. The government is currently researching ways to accomplish this feat and is beginning to focus on introducing new technology and policies to the health care sector. In terms of health insurance, the government is planning to develop a universal system that dwarfs the Affordable Care Act and similar initiatives in scope. The Affordable Care Act will serve as a sort of inspiration, however, as the Indian government believes it has helped improve health care in the U.S.

Swasth India allows doctors working in the US to travel to India and provide medical care

One of the aspects that will make India’s health insurance program the largest of its kind in the world is an initiative called “Swasth India.” This program is meant to connect patients in India with Indian-born doctors working in the United States. It will allow doctors to choose where they want to work in India and when they would like to work. Patients will be able to schedule appointments to see these doctors and receive medical care.

India will face many challenges in building the world’s largest insurance program

Building the world’s largest health insurance program will not be an easy task. There are several Indian agencies that are operating with bureaucratic bottlenecks that could make it difficult for people to receive insurance coverage and the medical care they need. Moreover, is insurance companies are unwilling to support the program, they may opt to reduce their business in India or leave the market entirely.

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