New crop insurance program to protect Indian farmers from cost of damage

Crop Insurance

The new strategy will be launched early in 2016 and will use technology to assess damage to fields. In what might turn out to be the first major step taken by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in addressing rural struggles, a crop insurance program is set to launch in early 2016 in order to help to protect farmers against the costs of damage to their fields and, therefore, their revenues. The program will use technology such as drones in order to conduct more accurate damage assessments. Over the last few…

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India’s government approved major insurance industry overhaul

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Economic measure receives approval from the Indian Parliament India’s insurance industry is in for an overhaul, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has passed his first major economic reform a year after coming to power. The Indian Parliament has voted  to pass a measure that would have a major impact on the domestic insurance industry, allowing foreign investors to participate in the sector. The measure will increase the investments that foreign parties can make into local companies, which may be a boon for smaller companies that offer certain kinds of coverage.…

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World’s largest health insurance program to take form in India

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Indian government is working on transforming the country’s health care system The Indian government is planning to create the world’s largest health insurance program. A recent, significant shift in government has brought more attention to India’s health care sector, as well as other sectors. The new government is eager to address what it perceives to be problems in the country’s health care structure and will be working with the insurance industry in order to do so. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled plans for this ambitious program during a recent conference…

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