Critical illness insurance coverage to expand in China

Beijing china health critical illness insurance

The country intends to broaden its current protection to include rural and urban residents by the end of 2015. China now has intentions to expand its critical illness insurance to the point that it will include all types of diseases within that category, and it will apply to residents of both rural and urban areas. The goal in the country is to have this new wider insurance coverage in place by the end of the year. The government recently made this official announcement and stated that the expansion of critical…

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World’s largest health insurance program to take form in India

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Indian government is working on transforming the country’s health care system The Indian government is planning to create the world’s largest health insurance program. A recent, significant shift in government has brought more attention to India’s health care sector, as well as other sectors. The new government is eager to address what it perceives to be problems in the country’s health care structure and will be working with the insurance industry in order to do so. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled plans for this ambitious program during a recent conference…

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Health care reforms in Mexico introduced universal coverage in under a decade

Health Care Reform in Mexico

This new medical system started in under ten years from its conception. According to a Lancet medical journal report, Mexico has introduced undergone health care reforms in under a decade, which have brought universal coverage to its people. The program provides coverage for catastrophic and chronic illness as well as preventive care. The universal health care reforms were first introduced less than ten years ago. The journal explained that the changes have now lead to the coverage of approximately 50 million people who had previously been uninsured. This public medical…

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Paul Ryan feels tax credits are the road to universal health coverage

Paul Ryan (R., WI), the House Budget Committee Chairman, gave a significant speech at the Hoover Institution about health reform. At this Stanford University think tank, Ryan spoke about his own Medicare and Medicaid reform plan called “Path to Prosperity”. That said, he also took a moment to speak about the third health-care entitlement in the United States, which is a tax subsidy of $300 billion per year, which helps to cover employer-sponsored health insurance. This reform offers the chance for universal coverage to run in a market-oriented way. Ryan…

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