Workers’ compensation exposure on the rise with more mobile workers

Workers-Comp InsuranceA clear growth of workers’ compensation exposure is now causing alarm among employers and risk managers with the remarkable rise in the number of mobile workers. This was discussed in this year’s meeting of Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) held recently in Vancouver.

In the said forum experts advised both employers and risk managers to formulate stable and concrete rules pertinent with workers’ use of any types of mobile devices at work. According to Maureen McCarthy, Liberty Mutual, manager of Workers’ Compensation and Managed Care it is a must to address the hazards the mobile gadgets pose among workers using them at work. 

 McCarthy further stressed that employers need to come up with contracts that clearly defines the use of mobile gadgets among its workers. According to him employers must also take their tolerance for risk in consideration when formulating such rules in their contracts. McCarthy adds that such contract must clearly stipulate the risks they are going to take and the actions they shall do when the need arise relative to it.

“How much risk is your organization willing to accept by delivering these devices to employees with the hope of getting higher productivity?” McCathy stressed.

McCarthy’s statements in the meeting served as an eye opener among employers who have yet to see the risks they are faced with for letting their workers use mobile gadgets at work outside   the traditional workplace. It was only then they came to realize the essentials of taking precautions when dealing with the advent of modern technology at work.

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