California lawmakers renovate workplace injury coverage

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A new bill has been approved to give the system in the state a complete overhaul. Lawmakers in California have announced their latest insurance news by sharing that they have approved a bill that has the support of both labor groups and businesses, in order to give an overhaul to the coverage system in the state for employees injured on the job. This bill received tremendous bipartisan support in the state’s Democrat dominated legislature. The bill received its approval just in time for the completion of this year’s session, boosting…

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California hearing focuses on workers compensation system

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At a recent hearing in Sacramento of California’s Assembly and Senate brought focus to the state’s workers compensation insurance system. The hearing lasted for more than four hours, much of which was spent exposing the shortfalls of the state’s current system and highlighting the need for extensive reform. California’s Worker’s Compensation Institute (CWCI), a non-profit organization that writes worker’s compensation policies for the state, attended the hearing in order to share its views on the current problems facing the system and to discuss the issue of reform. During the hearing,…

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California brain injury case results in largest workers’ compensation settlement in state history

The largest known settlement in California workers’ compensation insurance has just been secured by attorney Christopher Asvar, totaling $8.9 million for his client who suffered a traumatic brain injury while in the workplace. According to well-known specialist in structured settlements, Steve Chapman, who was involved in the case, “This settlement is the highest anyone is aware of for a California workers’ compensation award”. Asvar is a specialist in the area of brain injury litigation, both civil and workplace, and was substituted into this case three years ago. The client in…

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Construction subcontractors in California applaud announcement by insurance commissioner Jones

California insurance commissioner Dave Jones has made an announcement regarding the 57 felony charges that were laid against a business owner in Millbrae, including workers’ compensation insurance fraud and payroll theft. The California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors (CALPASC) has worked along with the Painting and Decorating Contractors of California (PDCC) and other allied associations, as an element of the LEVEL Program, in order to assist state agencies in the targeting and identification of deceitful construction industry employers who are scamming the state and costing Californians millions of dollars, as…

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Employers in California pay slightly more into premiums for workers’ compensation insurance

According to Dave Jones, the California insurance commissioner, the top 100 companies in the state, which make up 96.7 percent of its market, have increased the rates that they have filed by an 2.8 percent average so far this year. The average increase will impact the majority of businesses that are legally required to purchase plans that pay for an injured employee’s medical expenses when the injury occurred while on the job, and that offers compensation for work related disabilities both temporary and permanent. The majority of the policies held…

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