Construction subcontractors in California applaud announcement by insurance commissioner Jones

California InsuranceCalifornia insurance commissioner Dave Jones has made an announcement regarding the 57 felony charges that were laid against a business owner in Millbrae, including workers’ compensation insurance fraud and payroll theft.

The California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors (CALPASC) has worked along with the Painting and Decorating Contractors of California (PDCC) and other allied associations, as an element of the LEVEL Program, in order to assist state agencies in the targeting and identification of deceitful construction industry employers who are scamming the state and costing Californians millions of dollars, as well as to help to make opportunities more accessible for contractors who do obey the laws.

The executive director of CALPASC, Brad Diede, gave his applause to the commissioner and all of the people working in his department, following the announcement, saying that it is precisely this form of effort with agency coordination that makes the LEVEL Program what it is.

Diede went on to say that beginning the year with such a significant announcement is sending a solid message to unethical companies who would continue their illegal activities “within the underground economy who, not only try to scam the state, but hurt legitimate contractors through unfair competition.”

Brad Horton, the PDCC president, said that they feel “encouraged” that the companies that would cheat the system must now face the state agencies that are taking the additional step to track them down and do something about it. He said that whether it’s a paint job or a public works project, it is impossible for legitimate contractors to compete with companies who would break the law to offer a cheaper job.

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