California lawmakers renovate workplace injury coverage

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A new bill has been approved to give the system in the state a complete overhaul.

Lawmakers in California have announced their latest insurance news by sharing that they have approved a bill that has the support of both labor groups and businesses, in order to give an overhaul to the coverage system in the state for employees injured on the job.

This bill received tremendous bipartisan support in the state’s Democrat Insurance News for California Workplace Injury Coveragedominated legislature.

The bill received its approval just in time for the completion of this year’s session, boosting the disability benefits in California by over $700 million per year. Equally, the measure is designed to draw in the increasing workers’ compensation coverage premiums in addition to shrinking the number of injury claim lawsuits.

Lawyers representing employees who have been injured were opposed to this insurance news.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s changes to the workers’ compensation system in the state in 2004 were the last time that any changes or revisions of this nature were made in the state with the highest population in the country. This most recent effort was backed by Governor Jerry Brown (D). When it looked as though the bill may have stalled, Brown made his appeal to lawmakers personally, recommending support.

The reforms to public pensions, which were created by the senior Democrats in the legislature, along with Brown, were also approved by the state’s lawmakers on that day. However, this most recent insurance news could mean that the state and its local government could save tens of billions of dollars in spending. The concern over those costs had been weighing heavily throughout California.

Those opposed to the bill are saying that this insurance news is inadequate. They said that the overhaul doesn’t include enough changes to make the difference that will be required in the state.

The savings that will be generated by this most recent insurance news and the pension bill in California will be used to help to stop cuts from becoming necessary in education. They will also be used for spending over the near term and throughout the upcoming years. There have been many financial struggles in the state, as has been the case everywhere else over the last few years, so this extra money will be more than welcome.

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