Pennsylvania workers compensation insurance implements important filing changes

Pennsylvania workers compensation - filing - errors

The state has made several large changes to help reduce the odds of filing of loss cost errors. The Pennsylvania workers compensation insurance system has undergone considerable changes that have now gone into effect. According to the state Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman as well as Labor and Industry Secretary Jerry Oleksiak, their offices have come to agreements with two major insurers and with the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau (P.C.R.B.). Together, the organizations hope this will substantially reduce the instance of filing of loss cost errors. These errors to filing of…

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What Insurance Am I Legally Bound To Carry?

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With all the news about PPI or referred to as Payment Protection Insurance being mis-sold around the world, there can be some confusion as to what insurances we are required by law to have; and that number is very small. PPI was not required in most instances, if not all instances, for a loan to be approved. Yet people were told this and subsequently felt they had to have the insurance in order to be approved for the loan. And the mis-selling began. But what insurance policies are required by…

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Agents ask lawmakers in Missouri to exert caution in workers’ compensation changes

Missouri Workers Comp news… Agents have been warning lawmakers in Missouri to use caution as they consider making changes to the workers’ compensation firm created by the state, and which has received criticism from the state auditor for having taken advantage of a federal tax exemption as it spent large amounts on its own perks. A Senate committee has already endorsed the legislation which would establish a special panel that will examine whether or not the Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Co. law from 1993 needs to be altered. This research…

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Missouri Senate overturns Governor Nixon veto on worker’s compensation changes

The Missouri Senate has overridden a veto from Governor Jay Nixon concerning the states worker’s compensation laws. Governor Nixon had vetoed a bill last month that would have imposed bans on some lawsuits regarding workplace injuries. The Senate voted to overturn this veto with a 24-9 vote, claiming that the ban would cause significant legal problems throughout the state. After overriding the veto from Governor Nixon, state legislators passed a bill that would stop employees from suing their co-workers for injuries they receive whilst working. This is not the only…

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Towers Watson survey shows prices for commercial insurance continued their rise during Q4 2011

According to the results of the most recent Towers Watson Commercial Lines Insurance Pricing Survey (CLIPS), the prices for commercial insurance increased by a total of 3 percent throughout the final quarter last year, which completed a year in which every quarter saw rising prices for all lines of standard commercial products. Furthermore, according to the report by the global professional services company, earned price increases are starting to compensate for the portions of the reported claim cost inflation levels. Data from CLIPS showed that, yet again, the commercial property…

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