Woman admits to murder to collect life insurance benefits

life insurance scam criminal crime

Crystal Williams has been accused of killing her husband, Shane A. Williams, to receive a policy payout.

A South Carolina woman named Crystal Williams has been accused of murdering her husband, Shane Williams, in order to be able to collect on the benefits from his life insurance policy.

Williams has now pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy and murder in her husband’s death.

Initially, the woman claimed that she had been sleeping at the time when her husband had been shot and killed by an intruder. Deputies had been called to the home in Devon Court at around 3:45 in the morning back on January 27. There, they found that 38 year old Shane Williams had been shot to death. That said, investigators have since determined that the true story was quite different from the one that she had originally provided and that the murder was conducted for a life insurance claim.

Crystal Williams allegedly took part in the murder of her husband to be able to benefit from his life insurance.

life insurance scam criminal crimeThe story that is now being provided by investigators is that Crystal Williams had allowed a man name Marcus Johnson into the house during the night. She then woke Shane Williams and told him that he needed to add more wood to the fire. When Shane Williams entered the living room, Johnson fired a gun five times. Three of the bullets struck Williams, said police.

Crystal and Shane Williams had been married for 14 years. They had a son, 10, who was at home at the time of the murder.

According to Sheriff Rick Clark, the arrests of Crystal Williams and Marcus Johnson were made after text messages between the two had been found. The two have known each other since childhood, but there is no indication that there had been an affair between them. Clark explained that they worked together to arrange the murder and obtain the life insurance payout of $250,000 that would then be shared between them. Williams is now facing life in prison without parole for murder on top of five years for conspiracy.

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