Washington insurance exchange is running funny new ads to try to reach residents

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These advertisements are a part of a broader marketing campaign to teach the value of health plans.

The Washington state health insurance exchange has now launched a new outreach and advertising campaign that has been designed to help residents to be able to better understand the type of value that the coverage of a health plan can provide.

These new television ads have been designed to use humor to draw attention to the benefits of health coverage.

The new commercials take a satirical look at the way that various characters are able to avoid medical bills. In one ad, a man tries to both diagnose and treat his own broken ankle, using a photocopier instead of an X-ray, and using various office supplies to create a makeshift cast. In another ad, a woman is suffering from some form of unknown rash and attempts to treat it by using cream cheese. The goal of these insurance exchange ads is to attract the attention of the viewer and have them actually pay attention to a very real message.

The Washington Healthplanfinder insurance exchange is also working with Spanish language TV.

They have been working with the Univision Spanish language television station in order to make certain that this same message will reach the Latino communities throughout the state. There, they will be running a program that is going to involve public service announcements and interviews on the topic of in person assistance for enrolling in health insurance. It will also bring information on community enrollment events in the hopes of ensuring that residents of the state will attend in order to learn more about health plans and take the necessary steps to enroll.

This insurance marketing campaign launched following the start of the open enrollment period which started on November 15 and will be running until February 15 of next year.

The advertising by the insurance exchange in the state has been designed to use humor so that it will stand out from traditional coverage ads that may not leave quite as much of an impact on the average viewer, particularly across many age groups.

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