Washington gun insurance company fined $100,000 illegal policy sales

Gun insurance company - Money and gun

The state insurance commissioner fined the insurer and barred it from policy sales in the state.

Washington state insurance commissioner Mike Kreidler’s office has fined a gun insurance company more than $100,000 for selling illegal policies. The insurer has also been stripped of its license to sell any coverage in the state.

The insurer had been selling policies to gun owners in order to cover them for them for criminal activity.

The United States Concealed Carry Association, Inc. is a gun insurance company. It was selling policies that would provide owners with coverage that would protect them in the case that they were involved in a criminal act while using their weapon. This type of policy is banned in the state of Washington and has been for many years.

According to a report in the Seattle Times, cited by MyNorthwest.com, Kriedler’s office fined the insurance company for promising gun owners coverage for criminal activity, in precise violation of the laws of the state. The Seattle Times reported that the advertising for the United States Concealed Carry Association’s coverage was for an insurance plan that would provide policyholders with immediate payments for criminal defense costs that they incur should they be charged with a crime relating to intentional weapon or firearm use.

Authorities state that it is not legal for a gun insurance company to sell coverage for criminal weapon use.

The insurer, based in Wisconsin, has already agreed to pay the $100,000 fine. It will also be paying an additional $5,457 it owes in unpaid penalties, premium taxes and interest. That insurer will no longer be able to legally sell any policies in the state. It has been banned from insurance sales in Washington for having violated state law with the nature of its coverage.

From December 2018 through January 2019, the United States Concealed Carry Association sold an estimated 1,700 firearm insurance policies to Washington state residents. It has been working on a type Gun insurance company - Money and gunof membership delivery structure that would be applicable within state law as it was not doing so by functioning as a gun insurance company in the state.

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