Washington gun insurance company fined $100,000 illegal policy sales

Gun insurance company - Money and gun

The state insurance commissioner fined the insurer and barred it from policy sales in the state. Washington state insurance commissioner Mike Kreidler’s office has fined a gun insurance company more than $100,000 for selling illegal policies. The insurer has also been stripped of its license to sell any coverage in the state. The insurer had been selling policies to gun owners in order to cover them for them for criminal activity. The United States Concealed Carry Association, Inc. is a gun insurance company. It was selling policies that would provide…

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Gun insurance requirement concept pushed by Advocates

gun insurance new york

Some lawmakers consider ownership coverage as a way to curb violence involving these weapons. Lawmakers have been tossing around many ideas recently to help to reduce the instances of firearms related violence, leading some to believe that a requirement for gun insurance may be helpful in this effort. These same lawmakers are hopeful that the insurance industry will join in by offering incentives. In Massachusetts, a bill was filed on Friday, which would make it a requirement for firearms owners to purchase gun insurance in the form of liability coverage…

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