Understanding the Cost Of Insurance: Trike Versus Standard Two-wheel Motorcycle

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There is little that can compare to the feeling of freedom you get when on your motorcycle.

The road winds ahead, a series of curves to be negotiated and mastered. Stress and issues disappear as you merge yourself with your machine and disappear into the horizon.

But, there is a set procedure that needs to be followed in order to get a motorcycle license. Some people choose to skip this and, because they already have a car license, opt for a trike instead. 

Once you’ve decided which type of machine you wish to opt for there are several other questions you need to consider. These include what type of bike or trike, a visit to your local specialist in KTM motorcycles Sydney can help. 

Cost Of Your Trike

There are very few factory built trikes. The can-am is perhaps the most well-known but it’s expensive. If you’re not buying a standard trike then you’ll be looking to buy one that has already been customized or customize a two-wheeler yourself.

Whichever way you decide to go, the trike will be more expensive than a motorcycle. This is your first clue regarding insurance costs. 

Because it’s more expensive to buy or build, the cost to the insurance company, if you write it off, will be higher, meaning the insurance quite is going to be higher.


It’s not just the cost of building/buying a trike that the insurance company thinks about. You can ride a trike on a car license. That means you don’t need to be familiar with bike-style controls. In short, riding a trike without motorcycle experience is potentially more dangerous, increasing your insurance costs, again. 

It’s important to appreciate that a trike offers the same level of protection as a motorcycle, which is very little. Inexperience combine with the thrill of riding can be a dangerous combination. 


It’s also important to consider how unique your trike is. Motorcycles are usually factory-made. That means they’re made to a specific standard and the insurer can easily calculate cost price and current value.

This is not so easy when dealing with a trike. They will be able to calculate the value of the base bike. But, the only other figures they’ll have will be the cost of the add-ons. That means it’s difficult to create a valuation. The insurance company will err on the side of caution and inflate your insurance quote. 

Additional Passengers

Some trikes are built to take just two people. However, many of them can handle three, or even four, people. That increases the risk of injuries to others and expensive insurance claims. The insurance company will need to factor in these risks before calculating the insurance cost. It will cause it to go up.

Reducing The Cost Of Insurance

There is no doubt that insuring a trike is more expensive than insuring a motorcycle. However, you can reduce your quote by limiting rider numbers or your mileage. Talk to your insurance company and they’ll help you to find the best way forward. 

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