Traffic violations lead to higher auto insurance premiums

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In some states, premiums grow by a significant margin when drivers are hit with traffic violations

Moving violations often lead to increase auto insurance premiums, but in some states, the increase is astronomical. A new report from highlights the dramatic increase of auto insurance premiums in some states for those that receive driving under the influence (DUI) charges. On average, consumers can expect to pay 92% more for their coverage when they receive a DUI charge, which is the national basis. In some states, however, costs can shoot up by a more significant margin.

Report shows that those with a DUI charge in North Carolina can see their premiums rise by 337%

According to the report, drivers receiving a DUI charge in North Carolina can expect to see their insurance premiums jump by 337%. By comparison, drivers in Maryland will only see a premium increase of 15% if they are hit with the same charge. In Hawaii, drivers that are charged with reckless driving see an average increase on their insurance premiums of 287%. North Carolina is home to the highest increase in auto insurance premiums for those that receive moving violations, however.

Several moving violations contribute to the overall cost of auto insurance coverage

auto insurance newsThe report notes that DUI charges lead to the greatest increase in insurance premiums. Reckless driving and speeding also contribute to higher premiums. Various other infractions contribute to the overall cost of auto insurance coverage, but to a lesser degree. For example, the report notes that driving without a seatbelt generally leads to a 6% increase in auto insurance premiums, while violating railroad rules leads to an 18% increase.

Traffic school could help keep insurance premiums in check

The report notes that many people are unaware of how much their insurance rates are affected by moving violations. Many consumers are also unaware of the fact that they can avoid having speeding tickets and other minor infractions off their driving record if they attend traffic school or take a course in defensive driver. Doing so could help people avoid costly increases in their auto insurance coverage.

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