Drivers in Maryland are facing growing auto insurance premiums from State Farm

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State Farm is generating controversy with rate hikes affected thousands of drivers Drivers in Maryland will be facing higher auto insurance rates coming from State Farm. The insurer has had many complaints issued against it over the past year due to rising insurance premiums, with some drivers claiming that their premiums were raised for accidents that were not their fault. Maryland insurance regulators have found fault with some of the premium increases that have been issued by State Farm, with some of these rate hikes hitting drivers that have only…

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Maryland’s health insurance exchange has some major problems, according to state audit

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Audit reveals many problematic issues with state’s insurance exchange The Maryland Office of Legislative Audits has reviewed the state’s health insurance exchange, called the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, and have found that the exchange’s operators did not appropriately protect sensitive personal information from those enrolling in the marketplace. The state’s exchange began official operations in June of 2011 and the Office of Legislative Audits reviewed data from the exchange from that point through July 2014. The findings of the audit highlight many instances in which the exchange can be improved.…

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Pennsylvania issues warning to the insurance industry

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State has warned insurers not to practice price optimization as it is unfairly discriminatory Pennsylvania has joined seven other states in warning the insurance industry against practicing “price optimization,” a technique that insurers often use to raise premiums for those they deem unlikely to search for better deals. The Consumer Federation of America notes that this practice is unfair and illegal, as it often makes use of socio-economic information that insurers are banned from using to price coverage in some states. The organization suggests that this pricing practice is a…

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Traffic violations lead to higher auto insurance premiums

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In some states, premiums grow by a significant margin when drivers are hit with traffic violations Moving violations often lead to increase auto insurance premiums, but in some states, the increase is astronomical. A new report from highlights the dramatic increase of auto insurance premiums in some states for those that receive driving under the influence (DUI) charges. On average, consumers can expect to pay 92% more for their coverage when they receive a DUI charge, which is the national basis. In some states, however, costs can shoot up…

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Thousands could lose their health insurance by year’s end

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Substandard insurance policies throughout the US are expected to be cancelled at the end of the year Thousands of people throughout the U.S. will be losing their health insurance coverage at the end of the year. Those that are losing their coverage have substandard policies that do not comply with federal regulations. These policies were initially meant to expire at the beginning of the year, but were granted a reprieve by the federal government. This reprieve is coming to an end and consumers may be forced to find new policies…

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Insurance technology cripples Maryland insurance exchange

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State works to build a new, more effective exchange for its residents Maryland is taking steps to rebuild its flawed health insurance exchange, but the state is on a strict timeline, which leaves little to no room for any errors in the endeavor. The state has been tasked to reform its exchange after it failed to achieve its enrollment goals and was plagued by severe difficulties with the technology it used. Currently, the effort is not being endorsed by the federal government, which would rather take over the exchange itself,…

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Oregon health insurance exchange may be seized by the federal government

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Federal government may take control of Cover Oregon in order to fix it The federal government is preparing to take over the health insurance exchange of Oregon. Cover Oregon is one of the few state-operated exchanges currently in existence in the U.S., as most states have opted to allow the federal government to manage their exchanges. Federal exchanges have experienced major technical problems that have made it difficult for people throughout the country to sign up for insurance coverage, but some state-run exchanges have managed to avoid these problems. This…

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