Hawaii lava damage will be covered, says Insurance Commissioner

Hawaii lava damage - Volcano lava flowing

Destroyed homes will be covered by standard homeowners policies, according to Gordon Ito. The Hawaii lava damage caused by Kilauea’s eruption will be covered by homeowners insurance policies, said Hawaiian Insurance Commissioner, Gordon Ito. Ito made it clear that homes damaged or destroyed by the lava flow into a Big Island neighborhood will be covered. This should come as a relief to homeowners previously uncertain as to their coverage, as reported by Live Insurance News. Ito has been Hawaii’s insurance commissioner since 2010 and is NAIC Western Zone chair. Ito…

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Hawaii volcano insurance coverage becomes serious concern

Hawaii volcano insurance - errupting volcano in Hawaii

Residents of the side of the Big Island closest to Kilauea have been forced to evacuate. Hawaii volcano insurance has become a central topic in the state following earthquakes and Kilauea’s eruption. Several more quakes have been followed by new fissures opening. As residents have complied with a mandatory evacuation, the next worry is the damage. Dozens of structures have already been destroyed by the lava spraying across the Hawaiian neighborhoods, according to a CNN report. The report revealed that not all homeowners insurance policies in the affected area necessarily…

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Insurance company liquidation will leave thousands without coverage

Hawaii Health insurance company

Many Hawaii residents will lose their health plans following the liquidation order of a local provider. A court order has now sent a Hawaii insurance company called Family Health Hawaii (FHH) into liquidation which means that thousands of people who’d had plans through that provider will be losing their coverage. The court order was signed by First Circuit Court Judge Karen Nakasone, authorizing Insurance Commissioner Gordon to take over. Commissioner Gordon will be taking both control and possession over the insurance company and its assets, becoming the liquidator. He will…

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Auto insurance legislation targeting ride-share companies has failed in Hawaii

rideshare auto Insurance accident crash

New legislation fails to pass committee New legislation in Hawaii that would require drivers working for transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft to have a higher level of auto insurance coverage has been struck down by the House Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee. The legislation would have introduced more regulation to the transportation network company industry, which is growing quite rapidly throughout the United States. Both Uber and Lyft have been targeted by such legislation before, with lawmakers in some states showing concern over potential insurance gaps. Legislation would…

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Public long term care insurance program debate to start in Hawaii

Hawaii long term care insurance industry

The state is about to begin a discussion about starting the first universal coverage program in the country. Hawaii is about to enter into a debate that will discuss whether or not the state should launch the first public long term care insurance program to exist in the country; a move that will likely have the nation’s insurance industry watching very closely. This LTC insurance program would be the first time coverage of this nature was offered by a state. The benefit for people covered by a universal long term…

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Traffic violations lead to higher auto insurance premiums

georgia auto insurance news

In some states, premiums grow by a significant margin when drivers are hit with traffic violations Moving violations often lead to increase auto insurance premiums, but in some states, the increase is astronomical. A new report from InsuranceQuotes.com highlights the dramatic increase of auto insurance premiums in some states for those that receive driving under the influence (DUI) charges. On average, consumers can expect to pay 92% more for their coverage when they receive a DUI charge, which is the national basis. In some states, however, costs can shoot up…

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Hawaii residents advised to check their homeowners insurance policies

Hawaii Homeowners Insurance

Insurance Commissioner Ito warns people to check their insurance policies as Tropical Storm Ana approaches the state Tropical Storm Ana is moving closer to Hawaii and the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Gordon Ito, is urging homeowners to check their insurance policies to ensure that they are protected from potential damages. Homeowners insurance is often a complicated matter for consumers, as many believe that their policies protect them from the full gamut of natural disasters they could fall prey to. This is not the case, however, especially when it comes to flood…

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