Tornado insurance tips to help victims of damage

tornado insurance

Adjusters released a number of recommendations to homeowners affected by last week’s storms.

Last weekend hundreds of homes were hit by an EF1 tornado and throughout this week, tornado insurance adjusters have been dispatched. They’ve been visiting the affected areas of South Carolina and Louisiana.

As insurance companies do their best to assist the victims of the storms, they have also issued advice.

The tornado insurance adjusters have made a number of recommendations to homeowners still waiting for their damage to be assessed. As many of the homeowners don’t know what to do in the meanwhile as they wait for the assessment, the insurance adjusters are hoping their tips will help out.

Many homeowners aren’t sure whether or not they should touch anything or change any part of their damaged homes before an adjuster has the chance to document it. They want to be sure they are clearly representing the damage and are afraid that touching it will affect their coverage.

Tornado insurance adjusters are working as efficiently as they can to advise policyholders.

tornado insuranceMany adjusters have praised homeowners that have resisted the urge to make any changes before the damage can be officially documented. This helps to make sure the insurance company will pay for the actual damage that was done and the repairs that are needed. Adjusters are able to notice damage of which a homeowner may not be aware.

Once the evaluation has been done, adjusters recommend that homeowners choose a reputable contractor. They typically recommend that homeowners select insurance loss contractors. The reason is that if the contractor happens to notice more damage as the job is started, that company will be able to open a discussion with the insurance company. There is a greater likelihood that the newly found damage will be covered in that case.

Therefore, the main advice currently issued by tornado insurance adjusters involves leaving the damage as it is until it can be evaluated. Next hire someone who will be able to do the job well, and who will be able to discuss any further issues with the insurance company should further problems arise as a result of the storm damage.

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