The 2015 hurricane season predictions are good insurance news

insurance news - atlantic hurricane season

If the recent forecasts are correct about this year, it could mean that damage and claims will be low.

A set of insurance news forecasts have now been released with regards to the 2015 Atlantic basin hurricane season and it looks as though this year could be offering another one that is on the quiet side.

Researchers at Colorado State were among those that released their 2015 hurricane season forecast.

The predictions from Colorado State have been made since 1984 and are those that are frequently consulted when seeking a forecast each year. This year’s insurance news making researchers included the lead author of the report, Phil Klotzbach. What they’ve predicted is that there will be only seven named storms for the basin in 2015, among which will be three hurricanes, one of which will be a major one.

The release of this insurance news with regards to the hurricane season was made on the Colorado State website.

insurance news  - hurricane seasonIn that release, Klotzbach pointed out that the upcoming hurricane season looked as though it had the type of characteristics of a period of time that would be relatively quiet, as was the case last year when there were only eight named storms. That said, it should be pointed out that in 2014, six of those storms did become hurricanes, two of which reached the “major” status.

The forecasts made by HUGO (Hurricane Genesis & Outlook Project) were similar, but more detailed than those from Colorado State. HUGO, at Coastal Carolina University added predictions with regards to where this year’s storms may develop and travel. HUGO also predicted that this season will be a relatively quiet one, which is continued great news for the insurance industry. They believe that there will be eight named storms, four hurricanes, among which two will be major.

That group also gave the insurance news that 0.14 hurricanes will be making landfall along the East Coast of the United States in 2015. Moreover, 0.1 hurricanes will make landfall along the Gulf Coast. The average in those areas has been 0.65 hurricanes along the East Coast and 0.95 along the Gulf Coast.

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