Tennessee homeowners insurance customers advised to review their coverage

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The State Fire Marshal has recommended that they look into their protection ahead of holiday travels.

The top fire official in the state is recommending that Tennessee homeowners insurance policyholders review their coverage before they head out of their homes this holiday season.

The more people go away on vacations or even just to attend gatherings, the greater the risk of mishaps.

Tennessee homeowners insurance christmas holidayThere are a number of reasons that Tennessee homeowners insurance customers should be more aware of their coverage and of their own activities at this time of year. Decorations and extra cooking and baking each produce an increased risk of fire when proper care has not been taken. However, even regular activities present a greater fire risk at this time of year, simply because there are many changes to routines at this time of year, and that is combined with distraction and fatigue. The outcome could be detrimental and proper coverage is necessary to help compensate for potential losses.

Therefore, the fire marshal and the state commissioner are urging Tennessee homeowners insurance customers to know their coverage.

Julie Mix McPeak, the Commerce and Insurance Commissioner of Tennessee has also released a statement that indicates that property owners take the time to review their policies to make sure that they not only know what coverage they have, but also how much they have. T his could be very important if a mishap should occur in the home while the owner is away visiting or traveling.

The recommendation is that these consumers consider specific possible scenarios to help to obtain an idea of whether or not the coverage types and limits are adequate to protect them every day, but also during specific incidences that could occur over the holidays. Among the recommended scenarios to consider are:

• What happens if you entertain and one of your guests slips and falls on ice on your driveway? Does your policy provide enough liability medical payments coverage if that person requires medical attention?
• What happens if a candle or faulty lighting wire causes a fire? How much of your home and belongings are covered by your policy?
• What happens if valuables or gifts are stolen from your home? Does your Tennessee homeowners insurance policy have sub-limits for specific products such as jewelry or electronics? How much are your deductibles?

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