Life insurance benefits that used to be popular among employers are fading away

life insurance benefits employee worker

A recent survey showed that employees are not seeing this type of coverage in their packages as much. While life insurance benefits used to be a standard part of many employer packages for their workers, fewer companies now offer them. This, despite the fact that employees still find the benefit to be an appealing one. The number of people who purchase life policies through group contracts is growing, but employers are stepping back. A new LIMRA survey revealed that there are up to 108 million Americans who currently have life…

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Pet insurance policies are increasingly commonplace as employee benefits

pet insurance policies company

Employers are seeking to draw younger talent by offering them unique additional forms of coverage. Companies that are looking for the best talent find themselves facing a great deal of competition and pet insurance policies are often used to help them to shine above rivals. Today’s younger workers don’t necessarily want the same benefits as those ten years or a generation older. Health insurance isn’t covering as much but plans with more coverage are very expensive for businesses. Over the next month, many companies are adding other types of benefits…

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Pet insurance is being used by employers to draw millennial talent

pet insurance employee benefits

A number of perks relating to the ownership of cats and dogs are also being used to retain that talent. Businesses that are hoping to appeal to talent in the millennial generation – and to retain them – are starting to offer employees benefits that include pet insurance and other perks that could attract animal owners. Stifel Equity Research data shows that nearly half the workforce will be made of that generation by 2020. Employees within this age group present a whole new range of challenges and needs which must…

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Insurance news made by worker benefits study

health insurance confusion

Research shows that 89 percent of employees select the same coverage options every year. According to the results of a recent survey which are making insurance news, 54 percent of workers in the United States would opt not to gain greater control over their health plan options because they feel overwhelmed by the requirement to make this type of decision. The survey was conducted online with the participation of thousands of decision makers and workers. This was the third annual Aflac WorkForces Report and it has been making insurance news…

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Life insurance study reveals perceived value of the coverage

Auto Insurance survey

Americans think highly of the benefits, but feel that there is notable room for improvement. A recent survey has shown that American workers place a high value on the benefits they can receive from life insurance, but that there is a great deal of room to improve the way that the system and coverage works. This workplace benefits study was performed by an insurer in the industry. The Guardian Workplace Benefits Study was conducted by Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America. It is meant to identify the value that workers…

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