Auto insurance UBI programs gain massive popularity

usage based auto insurance

Both insurers and consumers are finding the benefits of pay as you drive coverage to be highly appealing. According to the results of a recent survey, the consumer interest in usage based auto insurance is rapidly climbing, and that it is likely that insurers will take rapid action to take advantage of the appeal that this type of program has to offer. Estimates are now indicating that by 2018, one in every five insurers will offer usage based insurance (UBI). The survey was conducted by Lynx Research Consulting, and it…

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Does usage based insurance for your car risk your privacy?

Usage based insurance

How much of your data is shared by your vehicle telematics? Usage based insurance programs are being offered by a growing number of auto insurers, with the highly attractive benefit of potential savings on monthly premiums. Consumers now wonder about the cost of these money saving devices. The type of data that is transmitted through the telematics devices used for the usage based insurance programs depends on the insurer and the gadget itself. While some simply report very basic information such as the number of miles driven, others can report…

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Hartford to test a new form of car policy in 2012

Hartford Financial Services Group has announced its intentions to begin a pilot program in 2012 for an auto insurance policy based on telematics. Hartford’s president of consumer markets, Andy Napoli made the announcement during the company’s investors meeting. The new policy will be using telematics. According to Napoli, using the “devices in insured vehicles to transmit information about driving behavior, such as miles driven, speed, acceleration, deceleration, and using that information to price the risk.” This pilot program will be known as TrueLane and will begin in the first half…

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