Discover The Most Common Construction Defects You Need To Be Aware Of

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If you’re looking to buy a property then you’ll want to know that it’s worth the money you’re spending. Your mortgage company will verify the value of the property but they are unlikely to check for structural issues.  If you don’t then you may find yourself in a house that is unsafe to live in but you can’t afford the repairs, all while paying the mortgage. That’s why you need to employ a reputable construction consultant and be aware of the most common construction defects. It will ensure you are…

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Homeowners Insurance Won’t Pay For Bed Bugs

bed bug homeowners insurance

According to the “2013 Bugs Without Borders Survey” from National Pest Management Association (NPMA), nearly 100 percent of the pest control companies that responded said they had worked on one or more bed bug infestations in 2012. Bed bugs are found almost anywhere people sleep — homes, hotels, motels and college dorms. Your challenge as a homeowner is that your insurance doesn’t cover the damage done by bed bugs, or any destructive insect. A Little Bug Causes Big Headaches They are small, wingless creatures that feed on the blood of…

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