Discover The Most Common Construction Defects You Need To Be Aware Of

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If you’re looking to buy a property then you’ll want to know that it’s worth the money you’re spending.

Your mortgage company will verify the value of the property but they are unlikely to check for structural issues. 

If you don’t then you may find yourself in a house that is unsafe to live in but you can’t afford the repairs, all while paying the mortgage.

That’s why you need to employ a reputable construction consultant and be aware of the most common construction defects. It will ensure you are properly prepared.

The Weather Barrier

This probably isn’t the first thing you think of when looking at a home or even thinking about defects. However, the weather barrier is essential to keeping the rain out of your building. If the barrier fails water will penetrate your walls and you’ll start to notice dampness inside the building. 

If this happens you’ll need to recoat the outside of the building and ensure all windows and doors are properly sealed up.

Wood Rot

Wood is generally critical to the structural integrity of a property. Even if it is built of stone there will be wood inside to support the flooring and other elements.

Wood can be damaged by pests, such as termites. It can also be damaged by water leaks that cause the wood to rot. These leaks can be a sign of old age but they can also be a result of poor construction.

Equally, if the construction crew cut corners you may find that the wood is not as well supported as it should be.  This can lead to floors, ceilings, and even the building being unstable.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing is usually fitted in or behind existing walls. It looks better this way. However, this also means you can’t easily identify any issues.

Plumbing is one area that is often rushed and ends up being defective in the building. Old age and many other issues with the structure can cause the plumbing to wear out prematurely. But even on a new build, the plumbing is often found to be defective.

Leaking water causes damage to your property, increases your water bill, and can eventually lead to structural issues.

Electrical Concerns

The electrics are also fitted into the walls as it is better for aesthetic purposes. Although electrics should be fitted to a certain standard, it can be difficult to check them properly as they are hidden.

This can result in bad wiring, short circuits, and even damage from rodents. These factors are all known to increase the risk of a house fire, that’s not something anyone wants to be dealing with. 

Final Thoughts

A property can look great but be hiding an array of construction issues. Even the most reputable construction companies make mistakes. That’s why it’s so important to get the property inspected and know what you’re dealing with.

It will make it easier to afford the issues or know when to walk away. 


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