Most common and costly homeowners insurance claims

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A recent analysis conducted by The Travelers Companies has revealed some significant trends. According to the results of a homeowners insurance claims data analysis conducted by The Travelers Companies Inc., weather incidents were the cause behind more than half of all the filings that were made by policyholders. Among the events that were most commonly at fault were wind, frozen bursting pipes and leaky roofs. Despite the fact that the most common homeowners insurance claims were those caused by weather damage, it was the fire damage claims that were the…

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Homeowners insurance claims could take several weeks to process

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Adjusters are backed up from thousands of claims from the superstorm. Because of the destruction all along the Atlantic coast of the country, customers with homeowners insurance claims should expect quite a delay before adjusters will be able to make it to their homes to move the process forward. This is especially true among policyholders who have not experienced damage leaving the home unlivable. This is leaving many homeowners insurance customers unable to proceed with the repairs of their homes. Many hesitate to take any action before the adjuster can…

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Do policyholders know how to make storm damage claims?

Snow Storm Causing Insurance Disaster

Recent weather in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic remind home and car owners to be prepared for claims. Though it’s all well and good to have the right insurance to protect your home and vehicle against severe weather, many people don’t actually know what to do to make storm damage claims that will allow the fastest and most accurate processing, for the quickest payments. The massive storms in the United States last week, that have led to power outages in several states, will also lead to a wave of calls once…

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North Carolina insurance official calls for insurers to re-evaluate claims from Hurricane Irene

Two North Carolina officials are petitioning the state’s insurance industry to return to areas impacted by Hurricane Irene in the hopes of resolving claims before winter comes in full force. Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, along with Bob Etheridge, an advisor for Governor Beverly Perdue during August’s hurricane, have written a formal appeal to FEMA to have insurers return to the state and assists with additional claims. The insurers being asked to return to the state are part of the National Flood Insurance Program, which provides insurance coverage for many households…

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