Do policyholders know how to make storm damage claims?

Snow Storm Causing Insurance Disaster

Snow Storm Causing Insurance Disaster

Recent weather in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic remind home and car owners to be prepared for claims.

Though it’s all well and good to have the right insurance to protect your home and vehicle against severe weather, many people don’t actually know what to do to make storm damage claims that will allow the fastest and most accurate processing, for the quickest payments.

The massive storms in the United States last week, that have led to power outages in several states, will also lead to a wave of calls once electricity has been restored. Policyholders hoping to benefit from their protection will need to know exactly what to do if they hope to have their cases processed quickly and not be held back by missing details or inaccurate information.

When making storm damage claims, the first thing you should do is call your agent.

If you have an agent, contacting him or her for advice should be the very first step. This will help to ensure that any storm damage claims that are made – regardless of the carrier or whether it is on a home or auto policy – will be done in a way that will be fastest and easiest for the insurer to process, and to ensure that the payments will be received as quickly as possible.

Without an agent, the next best option is to phone the insurance company’s toll free line and to wait on hold until one of the representatives there can provide guidance for making your storm damage claims. Equally, many people find that the websites will also provide the answer to some more general or common questions that policyholders may have.

Regardless of how you proceed, patience is vital to successful storm damage claims.

This is because insurance companies will serve the individuals with the most urgent need, first, and will then work down toward the policyholders who face more minimal forms repairs. For example, those whose homes have been destroyed and are uninhabitable will be served before those who have a cracked window.

Documenting damage is key to putting your emergency repairs at the top of the priority list. Organize all of your information, take lots of pictures, and collect your policy data and receipts so that they will be handy. Also, find out if there are preferred contractors for your insurer. Storm damage claims made with service providers liked by the insurance company are typically easiest.

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