Delaware Governor Carney signs storm damage fund executive order

Storm damage fund - Damaged house and car

Gov John Carney’s signature created the Delaware Resilience Fund Program. Governor John Carney signed an executive order at the end of last week, which effectively created a storm damage fund to help residents to recover from the recent destructive weather. The new program is meat to help residents to overcome the costs associated with recovery. The governor’s storm damage fund is meant to help people in Delaware who are struggling to cover the cost of recovery after having faced damage from the severe storms that happened earlier in August. The…

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Do policyholders know how to make storm damage claims?

Snow Storm Causing Insurance Disaster

Recent weather in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic remind home and car owners to be prepared for claims. Though it’s all well and good to have the right insurance to protect your home and vehicle against severe weather, many people don’t actually know what to do to make storm damage claims that will allow the fastest and most accurate processing, for the quickest payments. The massive storms in the United States last week, that have led to power outages in several states, will also lead to a wave of calls once…

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Many homeowners insurance policyholders don’t understand their storm protection

Homeowners Insurance

In the event of severe weather, most don’t know specifically how they are covered. Though the importance of homeowners insurance is undisputed among most people who have purchased a house, the sad truth is that the majority of policyholders don’t actually know what kind of coverage they have in the event that a storm should come along and cause damage to their properties. A MetLife survey’s results have shown that 31 percent don’t know exactly how much coverage they have. Equally, another 46 percent of the respondents couldn’t say which…

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