Hurricane Irma may force Florida’s private flood insurance market to prove its mettle

hurricane irma - florida private flood insurance market

Residents of the state are preparing to protect their properties and loved ones against the approaching storm. As Hurricane Irma makes its way through the Caribbean and ever closer to Florida, the insurance industry is bracing itself. This is particularly true of the private flood insurance market in the state. Advocates say Florida’s market is a solid model for making federal flood insurance coverage more affordable. Should Hurricane Irma make landfall in Florida, as the hopes and prayers go out to residents for their safety and to avoid damage to…

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Florida may become home for private flood insurance

Marco Island Florida Flood Insurance

Florida lawmakers seek to open up the market to private insurers Flood insurance rates may remain stable in the U.S. for a time as federal lawmakers begin investigating ways to reform the federal program that provides flood protection, but many homeowners are still concerned about the financial impact of flood coverage and the federal program’s ability to actually honor the policies it represents. The National Flood Insurance Program is currently crippled by massive debt. While the program has been able to pay claims thanks to the support of emergency spending…

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Flood insurance prices may ease for Tampa Bay homeowners

National Flood Insurance Program rates

Residents of the area had been expected to pay up to ten times more for coverage, but this may not be the case. Homeowners living in the Tampa Bay area who were feeling increasing concern about flood insurance prices that could soon be skyrocketing may now be breathing a great deal easier with the chance that relief may be on its way. Over the last few months, the cost of this type of coverage was sent skyward in the region. Homeowners found themselves facing flood insurance bills that they couldn’t…

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Homeowners are reminded that springtime means flood insurance

With the official start of spring, while many homeowners are seeing that the dry conditions over the winter have reduced the risk of flooding, the Insurance Information Institute is reminding them that throughout the springtime, the flooding risk still remains high due to hurricanes, heavy rains, and other types of catastrophes. Homeowners, home renters, and business owners should all consider purchasing a policy that will protect them from flood, or renewing one that they have already had, to ensure that there isn’t a gap in their coverage. In the United…

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Newly mapped FEMA flood plain requires some Michigan residents to purchase coverage

Certain residents of Michigan have recently received letters from their mortgage companies, informing them that they will be required to purchase flood insurance, or that coverage will be bought on their behalf. This is the result of a newly mapped flood plain by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and affects the residents of the Frank and Poet Drain, who are currently in an uproar over the sudden cost. Since February 2012, when the new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) went into effect, there has been a much larger area…

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