Ohio homeowners insurance premiums vary widely based on ZIP code

Ohio homeowners Insurance

Consumers throughout the state are paying widely different rates depending on where they live. A new calculation of the homeowners insurance rates being paid across Ohio has revealed that the prices vary quite broadly from one part of the state to the next, depending on where the consumer actually lives. Xenia was found to be the place in which residents were paying the highest home insurance premiums. Overall, Ohio is considered to be a state in which the homeowners insurance rates are considered to be quite low. The reason is…

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Rates for homeowners insurance and auto coverage are on the rise in Ohio

homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance and vehicle coverage is becoming slightly more expensive this year Those living in Ohio can expect to be paying more for their homeowners insurance and auto coverage this year. Insurers in the state will be raising rates, but Ohio will still enjoy insurance rates below the national average for property and auto coverage. According to a report from the Ohio Insurance Institute, rates are on the rise for a number of reasons. Homeowners insurance providers note that many powerful storms have hit the state recently, which is leading…

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Winter activities make insurance news in Ohio

Snowmobile Insurance news

Residents of the state have been urged to review the protection that they have for their snowmobiling, skiing, etc. Mary Taylor, the Department of Insurance Director and Lieutenant Governor of Ohio has released an insurance news statement which has advised residents of the state to look into their coverage before they take part in some of their favorite types of winter activities. The goal is to make sure that proper insurance coverage is in place in case an accident should happen. Taylor explained that Ohio is a great place for…

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47,000 people in Ohio now have health insurance coverage

Ohio health insurance

Ohio’s uninsured population is falling quickly thanks to the growing availability of insurance coverage The number of people without health insurance coverage in Ohio has fallen over the past year. The state is one of 15 others that have reported a decline in their uninsured population. This trend is largely due to the Affordable Care Act, which launched insurance exchanges in every state and helped make coverage more accessible to those that need it. While the federal health care reform law has its flaws, some aspects of the law have…

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Auto insurance regulations could be on their way for Ohio ride sharing

rideshare auto Insurance accident crash

Companies such as Lyft and Uber could soon be facing new rules with regards to their coverage. The director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, announced at the end of last week that she would be putting her head together with other state commissioners over the weekend in order to discuss whether or not there should be auto insurance regulation for Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing companies. According to Taylor, the goal is to make sure that consumers are adequately protected through proper steps. Taylor…

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Insurance news looks great for people living in smaller cities

Insurance News

A recent study has shown that costs are measurably lower than they are in larger urban centers. According to the insurance news making study that was conducted by ValuePenguin, there are some considerable advantages to living in smaller cities when compared to living in larger ones, and one of them is the fact that the cost of coverage is lower. The research found that in Ohio, people paid lower insurance rates in small cities than in larger ones. For example, in the insurance news report on the study, it showed…

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Health insurance controversy ignites in Ohio

Ohio Health Insurance Exchange

Controversy over sub-standard insurance policies in Ohio begins to brew New controversy has been sparked in Ohio concerning health insurance coverage and the Affordable Care Act. The state’s insurance companies are letting old insurance policies that do not comply with current federal standards expire. These policies had been allowed to exist due to changes made to the Affordable Care Act in order to ensure that those that could not access the state’s insurance exchange would remain insured. Whether or not these policies would be allowed to expire in Ohio is…

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