Ohio drivers can show proof of auto insurance on smartphones

mobile car auto insurance company

As of this week, it is possible to display the proof of coverage card in digital format within the state.

Drivers throughout the state of Ohio are now legally able to use electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets to display proof of auto insurance instead of having to produce the paper form of the card.

This is now a legal way of showing proof of coverage when it is requested by police officers and state agencies.

The law went into effect at the beginning of this week and it means that drivers can show auto insurance coverage proof through an electronic version to courts, traffic violations bureaus, Bureaus of Motor Vehicles, as well as law enforcement officers. The hope is to help to reduce the struggle that is caused by forcing drivers to produce the paper card version of their proof of policy.

The electronic version of the information can completely replace a driver’s need for printed auto insurance coverage cards.

mobile car auto insurance industry proofThat said, the paper cards will still be available and perfectly acceptable within the state. The electronic versions can be displayed on computers, cell phones, tablets, and other kinds of wireless devices, provided that all of the information is present and legible.

Within a statement about this change in the law, Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor explained that she feels that this is a common-sense move for Ohio to make. Officials in the state have said that this change in policy will assist in the reduction of postage and printing costs.

Many other states have also made this move with the same hopes, but also to help to reduce the need for people to have to go to court and prove that they did have coverage at the time that they were pulled over by a police officer, despite the fact that they could not locate the card within a reasonable amount of time. Court cases that involve auto insurance coverage that did, in fact, exist but that couldn’t be found at the moment that it was needed are very common and contribute to a large and expensive backlog in legal systems.

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