Insurance companies sued by NFL over antitrust litigation

Insurance companies - Lawsuit - NFL

The lawsuit has to do with the availability of coverage for a Sunday Ticket action filed back in 2015. The National Football League has a long history of battles with its insurance companies with regard to concussion lawsuits and settlements, but more recently, it has filed a suit for another reason. In this case, it has to do with the availability of coverage for a Sunday Ticket antitrust action that was filed against the league in 2015. The lawsuit was first revealed in November, when sports attorney Daniel Wallach tweeted…

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NFL reaches concussion settlement with its insurance company

concussion settlement - NFL players - Football

Many of the league’s insurers have been battling the requirement to pay players with such injuries. The N.F.L. has reached a concussion settlement following a lengthy battle regarding payments to players who have been injured. Insurers have been resisting payments to concussed players because they say the league had not adequately disclosed the game’s dangers to its players. The battle over the concussion insurance payments has stretched out for seven years. The concussion settlement brings this fight to an end. Insurance companies had been refusing to pay their portion of…

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Disability insurance is lacking among most NFL players

football players and disability insurance premiums

The majority of these athletes don’t purchase these policies, despite the risks they face. According to data released by underwriters, the vast majority of players for the National Football League (NFL), don’t actually purchase disability insurance, even though they run a considerable risk of sustaining an injury at some point throughout their career in professional football. While some players don’t want to have to pay for the coverage, others won’t buy for other reasons. The fact does remain that there are many players who don’t want to actually have to…

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