Nevada drivers now have new auto insurance liability requirements

Auto insurance liability - Driver

Motorists whose existing policies do not meet these new levels will need to purchase new coverage. Nevada drivers will need to make sure they meet the new auto insurance liability requirements in the state. They have until July 1 to purchase coverage with limits of at least 25/50/20. Some policies will already provide the minimum coverage but drivers are encouraged to check. It has been a long time since drivers in Nevada have had to change their auto insurance liability coverage. For many decades, the minimum requirement had been $15,000…

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Nevada car insurance premiums will rise for 1 in 3 drivers

Nevada Car Insurance - Premiums to rise

About 600,000 motorists across the state will be watching their rates rise in the near future. Around one in every three state residents will be affected by the Nevada car insurance rate hikes coming soon. About 600,000 drivers will see a considerable 9 percent spike to their auto policy premiums this summer. The state will be raising the minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage coverage. As a result, Nevada car insurance rates will also be rising in order to reflect the higher coverage. This will become effective as…

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Auto insurance fraud on the rise in Nevada

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance fraud turning Nevada highways into dangerous territory Fraud is nothing new in the world of business, especially when it comes to auto insurance. Auto insurance fraud is on the rise in Nevada, according to the state’s Highway Patrol. Law enforcement officials claim that the number of staged accidents is climbing and that these accidents often revolve around the trucking industry. The prevalence of fraud is causing the cost of auto insurance to spike in some parts of the state, especially in Las Vegas, where staged accidents occur frequently.…

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Google driverless cars receive approval but will need Nevada auto insurance

Google driverless cars auto insurance

Will the neighboring California insurance marketplace be next? After new Google driverless cars passed a number of tests and achieving set requirements in the state, the Nevada auto insurance industry is now facing a first in the country opportunity to cover the vehicles. The state is the first to license this new technology in the country. After years of development, they have now been able to achieve the following goals, which were set by the Nevada auto insurance officials. These include: • A safety plan submission • A self-driving technology…

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California insurance industry follows Nevada regarding driverless cars from Google

Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), of California, has announced his new legislation regarding a Toyota Prius that has been modified by Google Inc., which is designed to occur alongside new regulations that are designed to permit the first autonomous vehicles in the world to receive their road testing and registration in Nevada. This bill was announced at a Sacramento press conference and was written with the input of Google and is a reflection of that company’s most recent attempt to demonstrate to policymakers that although these futuristic cars aren’t quite yet…

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Nevada low income car insurance proposal dead in the water

Early this year, Nevada legislators were considering a bill that would provide more affordable car insurance policies to low-income families. The bill had gained momentum in Las Vegas in its early days, but support waned as months passed without comprehensive amendments. It was announced that the Nevada Senate had terminated the bill, leaving its sponsor, Assemblyman Kelvin Atkinson, to go back to the drawing board. Atkinson expressed his disappointment with the lack of Republican support for the bill, but has hopes that a similar measure will be passed in the…

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Nevada low cost car insurance program on the line

New legislation in Nevada that seeks to provide affordable auto insurance to the poor is facing renewed opposition as it inches closer to being signed into law. Introduced and championed by Assemblyman Kelvin Atkinson (D-NV), the bill intends to establish a low-cost auto insurance program that is tailored for those living below the poverty line. Since the bill’s conception it has garnered support. Now a new wave of opposition is mounting in the Senate against the legislation. Atkinson believes the bill will have a real, if modest, impact on those…

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