Auto insurance fraud on the rise in Nevada

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Auto Insurance FraudAuto insurance fraud turning Nevada highways into dangerous territory

Fraud is nothing new in the world of business, especially when it comes to auto insurance. Auto insurance fraud is on the rise in Nevada, according to the state’s Highway Patrol. Law enforcement officials claim that the number of staged accidents is climbing and that these accidents often revolve around the trucking industry. The prevalence of fraud is causing the cost of auto insurance to spike in some parts of the state, especially in Las Vegas, where staged accidents occur frequently.

Staged accidents targeting semitrailers

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, some drivers are deliberately swerving in front of semitrailer trucks in order to cause accidents. Most of these trucks weigh more than 90 tons by themselves, but often carry heavy cargo that adds to this weight significantly. Because these large vehicles are so heavy, they are difficult to stop and maneuver, thus making them ideal targets for auto insurance fraud schemes. Law enforcement officials claim that truckers often opt to rear-end vehicles that swerve in front of them rather than attempt to avoid these vehicles as doing so could cause a significantly more disastrous accident.

Fraud causing a rise in auto insurance rates

Nevada law enforcement has teamed with the state’s Insurance Council in order to begin filming public highways in order to identify and mitigate the impact of auto insurance fraud. The Insurance Council notes that fraud is leading to higher auto insurance rates in many parts of the state. Insurers often see major losses due to fraud, thus causing them to raise rates on coverage in an attempt to recoup these losses. Auto insurance rates are expected to climb as long as fraud remains a significant problem.

Dash cams may provide evidence of auto insurance fraud

There may be a somewhat easy solution to the problem of auto insurance fraud in the state. Truckers are being encouraged to purchase cameras that can be installed on the dashboards of their vehicles. These dash cams can help prove that certain accidents are staged while also potentially identifying those that are participating in auto insurance fraud.

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